Engineered to solve your most complex problems, and delight every customer.

You bring the vision, we'll bring the know-how.

Lateral Union is a collective of design-led, future-thinking development partners, supplying innovative products, software, and solutions.

Bringing new thinking in:

Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail industry has traditionally been a hot bed for technology innovation. Let us partner with you to unlock new revenue opportunities, as well as finding savings in business processes.

Hospitality & Travel

Innovative technology is continually reshaping what it means to connect with guests and travelers. Let us help build a guest experience that will put your brand ahead of the competition.

Healthcare & Wellness

Healthcare and technology have become synonymous, thanks to users desiring technology to help them manage their health. We can help create the technology your users desire.

Having prior experience creating solutions for brands including:

Heads of the Union

Justin Wells

Managing Director & CTO

Justin oversees engineering and operations, with a proven track record of solving complex challenges for enterprise-level companies.

Jeremy Wells

Chief Growth Officer

Jeremy is focused on finding new, creative pathways for our agency and our clients to remain relevant, disrupt industries, and drive more revenue.

Dustin Myers

Chief Creative Officer

Dustin manages the design of digital experiences to help your brand build a stronger connection with customers and gain more engagement.

What we do

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Getting an idea started can be a challenge. What steps need to happen? Is the idea viable? What outcomes should you expect? We help you create a strategy that can guide the execution of your idea.

App Development

Connecting with your customers on their mobile device has become a necessity today. We can help you understand what will make your app standout from the crowd and increase your customer engagement.

Web Development

Let us help you create an online presence that will show your customers what makes your business different. Custom development that honors your brand and lets technology make your life easier.

Personalized User Experiences

Customers expect an experience that is tailored to them. Our design team dives deep into your challenges and objectives, and designs custom solutions to bring your brand to life in a completely personalized user experience.

Machine Learning & AI

As businesses grow, so does the data that they accumulate. This data is one of the most valuable resources you own. Put it to work for you, and start making informed decisions based on what you've learned.

Custom Software

Our development experts have a wide variety of experience creating software across many different industries. Leaning on decades of experience, we can tackle most any technology or development need your company has.

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